Aleta in front of a painting of Biscayne BayAleta in front of a painting belonging to the "Aqua Munde" series inspired by Biscayne National Park.
Photo ©2006 Aleta Burgé credit Vanessa Bryson
and Tony Corral.

Aleta Burgé.bio

Aleta Burgé was born under the light of a full moon in Southern Mississippi, in the deep-South of the United States. Spending her formative years in New Orleans, La., a city rich in Acadian, French, Spanish and African influences, then living throughout the United States during her early adulthood, she finally settled in Miami, Florida in 1979. Once again she found herself happily surrounded by a mélange of ethnic influences, specifically the dynamics of the evolving South Florida community, situated in a lush tropical landscape set against an opalescent sea and crisp blue sky. Aleta’s methods and style are continually evolving, a response to the varied and unique cultures of the community and the vistas of the surrounding landscape. Her artworks have become evocative of those surroundings.

The artist’s works are of a variety of media including: 2 dimensional works of oil paintings, watercolors, photographic images and collages, often combined in themed exhibitions with conceptual art and multimedia pieces, including video and installations.

Continually adding to her repertoire of skills and techniques, Aleta continues to experiment with new technology, and in a variety of media and repertoires. She is an Adobe Photoshop instructor and a web-master. An information professional, she enjoys researching and publishing information in the digital environment. She worked for a multi-national wine & spirits distributor as a wine educator for several years, and continues adding to her knowledge and experience related to the subject.

Aleta earned a bachelor's degree in Art History and a minor in Visual Art from Florida International University, where she was elected to Phi beta kappa. Earlier she studied art at Illinois State University and at Miami-Dade College, where she graduated with an AA in Visual Arts with an emphasis on Jewelrymaking and Metalsmithing. She is currently enrolled in a Master's Program at Florida State University in Library & Information Science with a focus on reference and digital media.Her expected completion date is Dec 2011.




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